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Why posing as AliExpress is unwelcome and illegal

February 10, 2020 Blog

Some users think that it’s a smart idea to create a copy of AliExpress and mislead online shoppers, making them believe they are buying not from an affiliate site, but…

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5 Best Traffic Sources For Affiliate Websites in 2018

September 4, 2018 Blog

If you’re going to make really good money, you need to promote your AliExpress affiliate website. Of course, you can use the built-in SEO tools in your plugin in order…

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4 Blog Post Ideas for Your Affiliate Ecommerce Store

August 9, 2018 Blog

Some years ago people perceived blogs only as personal diaries with notes about their daily routine. Nowadays blogs have become a great way of advertising and business promotion. Both business…

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Niche store VS general store. What to choose for your affiliate business?

August 2, 2018 Blog

The hardest part of any ecommerce business is making a decision on what to sell and what type of store to open – a general store that has everything and…

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5 WooCommerce plugins that are fully compatible with AliPlugin Pro Woo version

July 18, 2018 Blog

WooCommerce platform wins fans all over the globe! According to statistics, in 2017 28% of all e-commerce sites in the world were run on WooCommerce platform. This is 3 times…

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Why Creating Great Content Is a Must to Your Affiliate Store?

April 26, 2018 Blog

There is no doubt the internet is a giant source of information. The main question is whether it is valuable or not. In this article we share some tips on…

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AliPartnership Templates: How They Boost Your Business

March 15, 2018 Blog

Creating a new site is an exciting, but really stressful activity. You have a lot to do and don’t know how to get all things done. You start looking for…

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How to Sell to Impulse Buyers

January 31, 2018 Blog

Imagine that a person visits your affiliate site, clicks on some product, but does not buy it. The visitor finishes the browser session, and returns to AliExpress later to buy…

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How to Choose an Affiliate Webstore Niche You Won’t Regret

December 19, 2017 Blog

One of the most difficult tasks for a beginning affiliate marketer is probably choosing a niche. Some people take any random bestseller, others scour the internet looking for original affiliate…

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How to Benefit from AliExpress Commission Structure

November 24, 2017 Blog

AliExpress affiliates should remember that from time to time commission rates can be modified. The latest significant changes in AliExpress affiliate commission structure took place in October 2017. Since 23…

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