How to Sell to Impulse Buyers

January 31, 2018 Blog

Imagine that a person visits your affiliate site, clicks on some product, but does not buy it. The visitor finishes the browser session, and returns to AliExpress later to buy that product. Due to cookie lifespan you will not reap any benefit from this purchase. Therefore, the site needs to be built in a way to stimulate impulse purchases. In other wordsI came, I saw, I purchased.

Well, how can site owners encourage customers to make spontaneous purchases?

Impulse Buying Marketing Tips

First, be savvy when choosing goods. Take into account the interests and finances of your target audience. Are you sure they can afford these goods? Do they have adequate prices, seasonal demand, some other significant features? Are all the items presented in your webstore legal in the target countries?

Often the customers buy not the things they come for, but something they suddenly take a liking to. Thus, work more to make the product page attractive. Pay more attention to descriptions. Of course, it’s hard to make everything perfect at one stroke. Try to do it little by little.

The product title should be short. The description should emphasize product’s advantages. Explain how exactly this thing will make your customer happy. Get the best of possible reasons and seasonality of your goods. For example, remind the customers that winter is coming and they need to buy gloves, a warm doggie suit, etc. Cause a sweet feeling of anticipation from the purchase using phrases "you will feel comfortable / look gorgeous" and so on.

The content of the website should be well structured. The product cards should catch attention, the photos should be sharp and bright. Don’t forget to remove duplicate pictures. Add product reviews and customer feedbacks within sight. Active use of social proof helps the client dismiss any doubts before making a quick order.

SEO Factors Affecting Impulse Buying

SEO improves website quality and as a result increases impulse purchases. Good snippet increases the chances of your website to be seen and helps impress the customers favorably.

Name your categories and products according to what customers are actually looking for in search engines. Google Keywords can be very helpful for this purpose. Through keyword research, SEO can suggest relevant and profitable keywords. Clear and distinct category links offering customers more product lines are very important. 

Impulse purchase in affiliate store

Working with the product page should make customers think that this item is special. Add an emotional component. Most people are easily influenced by the "stockout" – when the offer is limited by time or by quantity. For example, you can buy this thing only today. Add such markings as "Hot sale", "Bestseller", "Only a few left".

How Technic Influences Consumer Behavior

Technical parameters also play an important role. The main indicator for impulsive purchases is usability. A user-friendly website invites to quick orders.

Control the speed of the site load. Optimize the pictures and other content that significantly affects the download speed. Nothing should disturb your client on the way to instant purchases.

Impulse orders are often made from a smartphone or tablet. Check site performance on all types of devices.

And the last but not the least – never make a registration form on your site! The customer more than likely will leave the page. Nobody wants to do unnecessary actions. Reduce their number to a minimum. Product search, selection, sorting – everything should be clear without superfluous movements.

So, remove the registration and make a subscription form instead. How does it work? You add a new product, mark it as "Hit of sales", send a newsletter – an interested person visits your site and buys the product. Hoist your sail when the wind is fair!