How to make money with AliExpress?

March 25, 2017 Blog

People who are interested in ecommerce know that there are different ways to make money with AliExpress – from buying and reselling Chinese items in the regional market and dropshipping to affiliate programs and cashback. Why is AliExpress so popular among businessmen and customers all over the world? You can find the answer in the article below.

A little bit more about AliExpress

AliExpress, a globally renowned marketplace, was designed by Chinese giant Alibaba group in order to simplify and enhance all the possible interactions between sellers and customers all over the world. These days more than 200 hundred Chinese exporters and manufacturers can conveniently get in touch with consumers in well over 200 countries and regions worldwide.

Nowadays AliExpress features more than 100 million products that can easily be sent to any destination across the globe. Even though the vast majority of the sellers offer Chinese goods, it is possible for other retailers to add their products on the platform and hugely benefit from its tremendous growth by gaining access to an exceptionally wide customers’ audience.

However, it’s not only businessmen and corporations who enjoy profit with AliExpress – individuals from every corner of the world are more than welcome to take part in the affiliate program that is mutually beneficial for both the platform and affiliates.

What is the essence of the AliExpress affiliate program?

AliExpress affiliate program is aimed on promoting the website and its opportunities to the widest circle of people with the help of regular Internet users who get paid for their marketing efforts. After registering as an affiliate, you get specific links to certain AliExpress products or sellers. These links are to be placed on your website or any other online information channel:

  • Social media account,
  • Blog,
  • Forum,
  • Your own webstore, etc.

If you don’t have your own website yet or are insecure about making it perform as smoothly as required, you can always ask for some professional help and order a ready store, as well as services packages covering

Since AliExpress is famous for offering an exceptionally broad range of product – clothing and footwear, jewelry, accessories, consumer electronics, gadgets, home decor elements, utensils, stationery, etc. – you will enjoy a great choice of goods that you can promote. Think of something you are passionate about, and turn your hobby into business!

And if you ever need some help with choosing just the best offers out of 100 million products presented on the platform consider installing AliPlugin  – a user-friendly technical solution that can select items by given parameters and upload them to your store in just a few minutes. It can also help you to find top selling products on AliExpress and add them to your webstore.

How exactly do the affiliates make money with AliExpress?

So you have chosen the goods you will be selling, and placed the links on the online platform you fancy. Let’s say your website visitor clicked one of the links, liked the product you’re advertising, and made a purchase from AliExpress.

That’s it!

This transaction is traced by the platform, so you are now eligible to get a commission for this acquisition. From now on, everything that was bought on AliExpress as the result of clicking on your link, will bring you some small, but steady profit. You can keep track of all the operations in your affiliate account where reports on customer traffic and income volumes will be published. And, as soon as your balance exceeds US $16, you can withdraw the money and bring your earnings into the real world. Isn’t it worth trying?