AliExpress affiliate program: make money online with the world’s biggest CPA platform

April 30, 2017 Blog

Affiliate marketing is an appropriate way to get into ecommerce. It is one of the rare few marketing tools where you can feel certain that all your revenue is net income because there’s no required initial investment. So if you have not started getting AliExpress affiliate earnings yet, it is high time to begin.

There are many affiliate programs for various kinds of websites. However, if you are looking for one offering many products and an attractive commission, AliExpress Affiliate Program is your best choice. Great advantage of AliExpress over other similar webstores is that their products are sold around the globe and delivery free. The program is open to participants from every corner of the world.

The ins and outs of affiliate marketing

Affiliate fees

The affiliate program is the format of the advertising activity of an online store or service aimed at increasing sales. The store provides its partners with links, banners, and texts for advertising their products and pays a percentage of purchases made by customers who have come for advertising by their partners.

The main difference of the affiliate program from other ways of earning in the Internet is payment for the result – registration or sale. There are also some programs paying for clicks or for views, but their number is small, and the amount of fees is extremely low, while AliExpress earnings are based on a fixed commission not less than 8%.

Perhaps you don’t believe that affiliate marketing can be profitable, or you may be concerned about the risk of wasting your time with an unfair company. However, different forms of intermediate trade (like dealers, representatives, distributors, etc.) are used by the majority of international manufacturers. Most companies creating affiliate programs focus on long-term cooperation and stable earnings – both yours and their own. You can use this checklist to find a reliable and reputable partner.

The undeniable advantage of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to spend your money, effort and time to produce a product to sell. You can start selling goods as an affiliate once you have a trading site. Here are some points you should take into consideration.

Factors affecting the amount of income from partner programs

affiliate income

  1. Tempting offer

Customers’ appeal for saving money is universal. That’s why some things like markdowns and “today’s deal” will always pass the test of time. So the goods presented in your affiliate store should have an adequate price, quality and characteristics that will withstand competition in the market in comparison with similar products. For example, if you sell a smartphone, and its price is higher compared to other online stores, then the chance of buying it will be lower, hence your potential earnings will be small.

  1. Variety of items

The more offers you advertise on the affiliate program, the higher the chance that one of them will be bought. In other words, you will sell more goods in unit time. That is the point why your affiliate earnings may be bigger than in other programs – a huge choice of products available.

  1. Traffic volume

Traffic is a vital factor in earning affiliate revenue. To make your affiliate store capture sales, you need to attract a large number of targeted visitors to it. Suppose that every hundredth visitor who follows your link will order a product or service. Then it turns out that you need to attract at least 100 people for one click on the link.

Depending on website traffic, affiliate income can surge back and forth, but if you notice a systematic upward trend over time, probably you get it right. 

  1. Relevant placement

Advertise your webstore in places with many people potentially interested in your product. These can be profile forums or message boards, articles on your blog dedicated to some specific topics, groups in social networks with target audience. Try social networks that are visited enough to find a lot of new customers for your offer. With the help of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media you will be able to seize much wider audience.

  1. Fine content

One of the best ways to ensure positive Return on Investment from your activity is making great content. Upgrade your webstore to improve the shopping experience for your consumers. User-friendly design invites to make a purchase. Use content management principles to create an extra income flow for your business.

A high-quality visited site will bring you a lifetime income. Choose a suitable program and start working today. Learn new strategies to develop your business and maximize your profit.