Alibaba Group going global: what does it mean for AliExpress affiliates?

December 26, 2015 Blog
Alibaba Group, a highly successful online and mobile commerce company, is famous for serving as an exceptionally convenient platform for developing productive relationships between consumers and businesses worldwide. What makes Alibaba Group such a prominent player of global e-commerce market? Alibaba Group that is rapidly becoming a dominant force in the global e-commerce space, is in charge for the following online shopping platforms:
  • Taobao
  • Tmall
  • Juhuasuan
  • AliExpress
  • Alibaba
  • 1688
It also includes Alitrip, a user-friendly platform for online travel booking, and AliCloud, a platform that provides secure cloud computing services to businesses and entrepreneurs. As Alibaba representatives have numerously stated, the company has built beneficial relationships with government structures and business representatives in order to improve its own monitoring systems and prevent acts of selling counterfeit consumer goods. As a result, the platform nowadays can boast high-quality products and well-reputed sellers. Alibaba Group going global: background and perspectives Alibaba Group keeps demonstrating its professional approach to effective management of numerous online sales made worldwide. The segment of sales made with the use of mobile Internet seems to be the most promising one. As a result, the company can effectively reach its target audience almost in every country in the world. Thanks to the Alibaba’s commercial success, China is expected to gain a share of 50 per cent of global e-commerce market by 2018. Due to China’s growing middle class (there are currently 300 million of its representatives in the country, and its number, according to Jack Ma, will rise to 500 million in 10-15 years) and rapidly growing use of smart mobile devices, the level of domestic consumption reaches an ultimate height. According to eMarketer research, China’s total retail e-commerce sales are likely to increase 133 per cent in 2018. Curiously enough, global retail online sales are forecast to grow only 80 per cent in the said period. All these factors serve as the perfect background for expanding Alibaba’s global presence. Alibaba Group going global: promising markets for affiliate business AliExpress online platform, one of Alibaba’s integral parts, is the most popular e-commerce site in Russian Federation. On average, 300 000 parcels ordered from the website are shipped to the country every day. Quite surprisingly, not the citizens of Russian metropolitan cities tend to be the website’s most active users, but, on the contrary, the citizens of small towns of little notice and some remote regions. At the same time, the website’s popularity also grows on numerous markets of European, North American and Asian countries. According to Yang Jun, who is in charge for AliExpress global operations and development strategies, the second biggest foreign market for the e-commerce platform is USA. Thanks to this category of the website users, the increase of traffic in the period from September, 2014 to September, 2015 has reached 69%. The third place of the rating of the most active AliExpress users belongs to Italy, which is also considered a promising market for the company’s further operations.